Led Kaapana Interview - Part 3


Since the City of Prescott acquired the Elks Opera House a few years ago, many attempts have been made to book interesting musicians into the venue. Some passionate fans of unique artists or musical styles have well, not lost their shirts, but certainly did not become well rewarded for taking the risk of ponying up seed money for the event. Are we learning anything about what will and won't work in Prescott? Has the population grown large enough to support off-beat music concerts larger than a restraurant or bar's stage? Weeeelll . . . we have another opportunity to find out.

A local businessman is bringing in legendary Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist Led Ka'apana for the only Arizona stop on his current U.S. tour. Are local guitar fans, Hawaiian expatriots, adventurous daters and afficanados of the mellow musical style going to come out in numbers large enough to make the night a success? We'll know on Thursday, April 24th at 7pm.

(Led spoke by phone from his home in Oahu, Hawaii and the show was taped in Coyote Radio's Studio A in The Raven Cafe building in Prescott, AZ. First heard over KJZA 89.5 FM and 90.1FM)

In this episode, Led talks about teaching Slack Key guitar to a younger generation and how best to start learning his musical style, as well as a hint about what people can expect at the April 24th show.

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